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I’ve found this post and the whole series from JR Woodward particularly insightful in applying the APEPT/APEST model of leadership to a western, contemporary church context.  JR has a unique way of articulating these ideas into a framework that makes sense for me.

I first encountered this idea of missional leadership through the writing of Alan Hirsch in The Forgotten Ways, and I think I’ve been understanding more and more the necessity of having a well rounded ministerial team, and the synergy produced when people with different giftings are around the table.

These different personalities bring a healthy, multi-perspectival approach to strategy and ministry.  Alternatively, I think they promote some good fights in meetings, as Patrick Lencioni suggests in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

I’m hoping to work through some of this with our Campus Minister Network in the future…


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  1. Todd,

    Hey, I’m glad you are finding the series helpful. Patrick’s books is great and you are so right, when each of these equipper’s come fully to the table embodying who they are, it creates some good sparks and sometimes even a good fire. I’m just about done with the series, and after that I will put the whole series up in “My Writings” section, in a pdf file. Peace to you.

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