The Holy Spirit

May 8, 2009 — 5 Comments

I’ve been dwelling on the Holy Spirit as I read Jaeson Ma‘s book The Blueprint.

Here is my simple, yet difficult, thought that arose: the degree to which the gospel is central in my life is directly correlated to the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit in me and through me.

If I want to see how central God is in my life, I just need to look at the evidence.

I am too prone to work in my own power.

Todd Engstrom

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Although I was raised in the church and had a knowledge of God, I didn’t embrace Jesus until I heard gospel preached and lived out by some Young Life leaders. God has proven faithful and good to me since that day, even in great suffering and loss. I have learned to treasure Romans 8:28 as a wellspring of hope and truth. God has blessed me with an amazing wife (Olivia), three sons (Micah, Hudson and Owen) and a daughter (Emmaline). Growing up in the northwest, the thought never crossed my mind that I would have four children who are native Texans. Despite landing in the south, I still watch Notre Dame games with my children every Saturday in hopes they will land at my alma mater.

5 responses to The Holy Spirit

  1. Jason Ma!! One of my friend’s recommended one of his books to me before. Do you recommend it?

    That is a good thought.

  2. Thanks for the post Todd! I read a quote recently that was something like this…”if the Holy Spirit left the world today, 90% of ministries would keep on functioning without missing a beat!” I want so much to follow Him in every moment of my life, but Ii too am easily distracted and self-driven. Going through “The Art of Listening Prayer” by Seth Barnes which is a fantastic journaling tool to inspire and develop our spiritual life. A story I can’t get off my mind since I read it a month ago is this one about the Chinese Church

  3. Vicki Lancaster May 8, 2009 at 1:17 pm

    Holy Spirit……..How awesome He is and how true your thought is….. the TRUE, enduring fruit is so produced as a result of the Holy Spirit, as He speaks through His word and spending time with Him. Learning to listen… in this loud world…. truly an art. How often I barge in and try to do it MY way…

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