The Holy Spirit

I’ve been dwelling on the Holy Spirit as I read Jaeson Ma‘s book The Blueprint.

Here is my simple, yet difficult, thought that arose: the degree to which the gospel is central in my life is directly correlated to the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit in me and through me.

If I want to see how central God is in my life, I just need to look at the evidence.

I am too prone to work in my own power.


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  1. Jason Ma!! One of my friend’s recommended one of his books to me before. Do you recommend it?

    That is a good thought.

  2. Thanks for the post Todd! I read a quote recently that was something like this…”if the Holy Spirit left the world today, 90% of ministries would keep on functioning without missing a beat!” I want so much to follow Him in every moment of my life, but Ii too am easily distracted and self-driven. Going through “The Art of Listening Prayer” by Seth Barnes which is a fantastic journaling tool to inspire and develop our spiritual life. A story I can’t get off my mind since I read it a month ago is this one about the Chinese Church

  3. Vicki Lancaster Avatar
    Vicki Lancaster

    Holy Spirit……..How awesome He is and how true your thought is….. the TRUE, enduring fruit is so produced as a result of the Holy Spirit, as He speaks through His word and spending time with Him. Learning to listen… in this loud world…. truly an art. How often I barge in and try to do it MY way…

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