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adaptive challenges and the church | The Forgotten Ways

Really liked this quote from Alan Hirsch, and it speaks toward the movement we desire to see in Austin:

When I am teaching TFW material, one of the constant questions that is raised is “do we need persecution to become a fully fledged Jesus movement?” And my answer is “No, I don’t believe that it is necessary”. The reason for this is that persecution only represents one of the forms of adaptive challenge–the adapt or die variety. But this is not the only form of adaptive challenge. As as I have said above, we are confronted with both forms in our day. Adapt of die AND compelling opportunity. I have to believe that God’s people don’t always have to have our collective asses kicked to get our act together. We have all the latent potential for movement in us already. Surely we can access it by other means.

via adaptive challenges and the church : The Forgotten Ways.

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