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Adoption is the World Mission | Jeremy Haskins

I just read the post below from Jeremy Haskins, and all I can say is amen.  This is an excellent articulation of the mission of the church to declare the gospel to all peoples that they might be adopted into the family of God, and to demonstrate that spiritual adoption through earthly adoption.  Here is an excerpt:

Let me be clear, preaching the gospel brings about eternal salvation to those who hear and believe. The only hope for the over 6,000 unreached people groups around the world is that churches would be planted and reproduced through the proclamation that salvation is in no other name but the name of Jesus. God’s mission will not be completed primarily through families adopting orphans from around the world, but through world mission efforts. And yet, a commitment to join God on mission should cause us to be like God on mission.

Our mission work declares that we believe the gospel transcends our culture. Adoption declares that we believe the gospel transcends our flesh and blood. As former Gentiles, we work to see the nations represented in our congregation. As former orphans, we work together to see former rescued orphans in our families. This is the wisdom of God displayed in missions. It is the same wisdom displayed through adoption.

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