Advocating for Justice | Jeff McWhorter’s Documentary

I have a friend in need, and you can help!  Below is a call for action from my friend Jeff McWhorter:


Here is the deal.  For my senior thesis at UT, I made a 10-minute documentary about young men growing up with incarcerated fathers in East Austin.  One of the young men (14 yrs old), with whom I spent a lot of time, was incarcerated himself last week for house burglaries.  (He was caught on webcam, maybe you heard about it).  Anyhow, some of the crimes were unjustly pinned on his older sister because he used her car.  She went to jail, and has gotten out, but she and her mother are really struggling to come up with money to pay an attorney to get the charges off.

Also, there is a risk that they could get evicted because Booker T, where they live, does not like trouble in the neighborhood.  This would really, really put her in a bad spot.

His mother works hard at her job as a waitress to provide for the family (4 kids in the house) and show a good example of honest labor.  She loves the Lord and is trusting him through all of this but is understandably pretty distraught.

I really want to help them out, and I am having a benefit showing of my documentary tonight at 9 p.m. at my house to raise some money.


Please help Jeff out by showing up!


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