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Today Was a Great Day


Every once in awhile, you have an absolutely outstanding day, and God’s faithfulness is overwhelming.  Today was one of them.  Here’s the rundown:

  1. Donuts with my wife and son
  2. Sermon prep
  3. Meeting discussing future vision of some specific ministry and my role in it
  4. Developing a staff training for social media engagement with a few folks
  5. Staff prayer time where we prayed for our children and that our faith would be like theirs
  6. Strategy Team meeting with men I would take a bullet for
  7. Interview with a potential resident in our newly-minted residency program
  8. Finish sermon prep
  9. Preach the gospel to a room full of college students excited about a movement at The University of Texas
  10. Go home to spend time with wife, son, and in-laws who just arrived
  11. Pack my bags for the hospital in anticipation of the birth of my second son

All I can say is that God is absolutely gracious, sufficient for my endurance, and fully able to accomplish more that I can imagine.  King Jesus is good to me!

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