Google Searching

Apparently, Google performs 400 million queries per day.  My question is: “who answered all these questions before Google came around?”

For me, I think I just spent most of my time wondering what the answer would be…

What did you do with your curiosity before Google came around?


5 responses to “Google Searching”

  1. dave mclain Avatar
    dave mclain

    I used altavista. Before that, I played with my hot wheels

  2. the encyclopedia! except my parent’s actual encyclopedia was way outdated, so i think we had one on cd rom?

  3. Courtney Avatar

    yeah i usually asked my dad first and whatever answer he gave i went with; if he didn’t know i looked it up in the encyclopedia and if that wasn’t sufficient i was just fine with not knowing. what i can’t understand now is someone asking about something and not looking it up on the internet.

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