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Summary of College Ministry | Gentrified

Ever wondered what we’re up to with college this time of the year?

Check out my friend Logan Gentry’s post on what’s happening, starting with Austin Stone on Campus.

Below is the twitter chatter from ASOC…good stuff!

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Buy a Book, Support a Mission


College Students: As you are preparing for you return to campus and your fall classes, inevitably you are going to purchase your textbooks. Makarios, one of our partnering organizations in the Dominican Republic, has set up a site where you can purchase your books through Amazon and they receive a percentage of the proceeds.

Friends: If you have books you’d like to purchase from Amazon, please consider using the link below, as a portion of the proceeds will go to our ministry partners in the Dominican Republic, Makarios.

Books cost exactly the same (new or used) as they would on Amazon, so you can get a great deal on your books and support our friends in the DR!

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Summary | Exploring College Ministry

My new friend Benson Hines has just posted an excellent summary of his ministry over the course of the summer, along with a summary of a number of excellent posts related to college ministry.  Head over to his blog and check out some of the links:

Exploring College Ministry | Summer Wrap Up

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College Ministers and Adoption

As many of you have read, my wife and I have really been praying through adoption and how God would have us advocate for orphans in our city.  Connecting with another college minister (Michael Mears at FSU) via Twitter who was in the adoption process got me to thinking…

For many college students, there perspective of normal family life is driven by the foundation laid by their parents primarily, but secondarily by the relationships they see closest to the time when marriage and family becomes a reality.

There is enormous potential for college ministries to create a culture of adoption which shifts the coming generation’s perspective of “normal family planning”.

Reflecting on my own journey, I didn’t really consider adoption honestly because I had never really thought about it.  I had no real example of adoption as a tangible display of the gospel, and at best in my mind it was an alternative for people who could not conceive naturally.  I’m wondering if I had encountered it in college, when the idea of family became somewhat of a reality in the not-too-distant future, if I might have considered a different path for our family (sovereignty of God issues aside…).

All this to say that people ministering to college students have an enormous potential to create a gospel culture in an emerging generation preparing to have families, and I hope and pray that God would use men like Michael to cultivate a heart for the orphan amongst students.

Pray with me that God would breath a spirit of adoption into the hearts of college ministries across the globe!

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Missional Campus Ministry | Jesus Creed

Scot McKnight has entered the conversation about Missional College Ministry over at Jesus Creed.

He’s gearing up for a series of post it appears, and I am looking forward to engaging what he is saying!  Head over there and interact with this basic question:

“What should a missional campus ministry look like in our largely post-Christian world?”

More at Jesus Creed here.

For some other resources, check out:

If you have written about college ministry, post some links in a comment below!