So Many Thoughts, So Little Time

Where does time go?  I had great ambitions for developing my thoughts on leadership, continuing a series of posts on college ministry strategy, and writing thoughts on adoption, but I just can’t carve out the time to write.

Part of it is feeling like I don’t have enough time to sit down and craft what I want to say, part of it is having a brand new baby, and part of it is the rigors of my current ministry.  The problem is that blogging is something of a release for the ideas that are caged in my head – if I don’t open the valve up, stuff slowly leaks out, or the system gets too pressurized and explodes.  I didn’t seem to have this problem before I started blogging, so why in the heck is it happening?

In all seriousness, I’m curious how people develop a strategy for journaling/writing/blogging in your daily routine…any thoughts?

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