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As I’ve been thinking on discipleship for the last few weeks, it naturally has been provoking thoughts of leadership.  I’m going to start a new series with my philosophy and practice of leadership and leadership development, especially within the church.


The foundation on leadership is very simply service.  Godly leadership is very simply a selfless act, and a desire not for positional leadership, but of sacrificial living.

These Scriptures are abundantly clear that first and foremost, leadership is about loving and serving Christ and His people.

Vision is useless unless it is done in service to others to the glory of God. Strategy is worthless if you are failing to love and serve people.  Leadership is hollow if you are not leading toward Christ and his calling to sacrificial, Spirit-led obedience.

I find I am more prone to desiring the position of leadership, rather than being a leader.  What about you?

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