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Wearing Many Hats

Through the last few years, I am becoming infinitely more aware of the necessity of adaptation and flexibility in whatever environment I am working. No matter how much I desire to have things under control, or how much I want to have the requisite skill set completely mastered for a job, I continue to find myself needing to grow and change to obey God and succeed in what He has called me to.

I think a few years ago this would have left me completely frustrated and feeling out of control. More recently, I think God has been teaching me that it is the natural course of walking in obedience to Him. Quite simply, my lack of control generally means that God is moving. Adaptability is simply the fruit of obedience and sensitivity to where God is taking me.

When I get frustrated about having to adapt or grow in my skills, it is nothing but simple ignorance to how God is shaping me more onto His image, and pruning me to bear more fruit in His kingdom. I must repent when this idolatry of comfort takes hold.

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“idolatry of comfort”– beautiful turn of phrase. I just might have to cite you on that in the future…

Hope you’re well.

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