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My friend and colleague has written some fantastic thoughts on ministry to Muslims, which have broad applications for motivations for ministry.  Below is the concluding quip from a great post:

Passion for obedience to the basic commands of Jesus in response to His love for you. The 2 greatest commands of Jesus are very clear and simple: love God and love your neighbor. God has, in fact, fulfilled these commands already in Jesus (He loves God and He loves you). Is that enough to motivate you to passionate sacrifice for the Muslim world, ~87% of which has never met a follower of Jesus?

Litmus question: Do you require more motivation than the basic commands of Jesus to live sacrificially and missionally among Muslims? Can you articulate in your life how your understanding of the Gospel has motivated you to love Muslims more?

Read the rest here.

Although the post deals specifically with ministry to Muslims, it is a fantastic question to ask for every Christian as they engage in ministry.  Are my motivations driven by obedience to King Jesus, or something altogether different?


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