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Being a Disciple

The 2013 Verge Conference was themed around Discipleship, and has given me plenty to think about.

As my family has grown and our church has continued to grow, my time is increasingly spoken for. It seems like there is always a person or a task that needs immediate attention.

I’ve been convicted about the necessity of being a faithful husband to Olivia, father to my children, elder of The Austin Stone, and missionary in my neighborhood.  It’s overwhelming just to list those things out!

The good news of the gospel for me is that Jesus has already accomplished the work of my salvation, and has empowered me with the Word of God and the Spirit. I can be faithful to all of those things through Him.

My first calling, before all those responsibilities, is to be a disciple. Only out of my affection for Christ, study of God’s word, and obedience to His Spirit can I faithfully live out my calling.

But there’s more good news. Jesus also gave me a perfect example. He spent copious amounts of time ministering to both the masses and individuals alike.  He pursued His heavenly Father with perfection, and used his public ministry to ensure he faithfully made disciples.

More and more, I need to be held accountable to bringing my wife, my children, and those I am leading into ministry with me. I continue to see in myself the ease with which I get lost in ministry.  The crowds crowd out my discipleship of those closest to me.

Don’t let me replace discipleship with ministry – it’s my road to failure.


Engstrom Family Christmas Picture History

Here’s a brief history of our Christmas cards and Santa pics.  So fun to see how our kids have grown!

2009 Christmas Card
2010 Christmas Card
2011 Family Santa Picture
2012 Christmas Card
2012 Family Santa Picture



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Engstrom family!  We pray you experience the thrill of hope and rejoice in our Savior Jesus!

Christmas Card 2012

And here’s a bonus pic with Santa!


9 Months

Blogging isn’t really my strong suit, as it would appear.  The last time I wrote anything in this space was simply to wish the digital world “Merry Christmas”, and then I shut ‘er down.  Here’s a short update on what’s been keeping me busy:

  1. A New Job Role – In January, as our church went through a transition towards multiple campuses, my role began to shift towards an Executive Pastor, and it’s kept me fairly busy.
  2. A Season of Rest – This summer I got to spend a significant time away from ministry in preparation for the coming few years.  We had a blast as a family, and Olivia and I had some time away in Alaska.
  3. A New Season of Life – We officially have a Kindergartner on our hands, which has been a total blast but also shifted some of our family rhythms around.  We’re adjusting to waking up earlier, but also loving how much interaction we’ve been having with our neighbors and community.
  4. A New Degree – I started a Doctorate of Ministry at Southern Seminary in Executive Leadership this summer with my good friend Kevin Peck.  It’s been fun to dust off the academic skills, as well as an amazing opportunity to learn from godly men.
  5. A New Addition to the Family – that’s right folks, Engstrom baby #4 will be joining us in March of 2013!

There’s plenty more that’s been happening, but I’m sure you have quit reading by now.  Hopefully I’ll have some more time to sit and write in the coming months!


Merry Christmas from the Engstrom Family!

Merry Christmas from the Engstrom Family!