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2012 Verge Talk – Who is the Missionary?

At Verge this year, I referred to the video above from Verge 2012 as the reason why we are pursuing missional communities. It’s a simple argument for the need for new forms to engage our cities with the gospel.

What do you think needs to change about how we gather as the church?

missional community

An Overview of Missional Communities

A missional community is a community of Christians, on mission with God in obedience to the Holy Spirit, who demonstrate tangibly and declare creatively the gospel of Jesus Christ to a pocket of people.

Last fall, my friend Jon Dansby and I wrote a few short articles to recast some vision to our church about missional communities.  They’re a helpful overview of some basic convictions and practices of missional communities at The Austin Stone.

  1. Why Missional Communities?
  2. What is a Missional Community?
  3. MC Practice 1 – Life Transformation Groups
  4. MC Practice 2 – Third Place
  5. MC Practice 3 – Family Meeting
  6. MC Wrap Up

I’ll be covering these practices briefly in my talk at the Verge Conference tomorrow. You can tune in here:

Let me know what you think!