Parenting is a Leadership Incubator

Tonight  I was forced to make a decision with GTB:

  1. Teach him to obey his earthly father as he would his heavenly Father, and simply eat the food in front of him because he was asked to.
  2. Get creative and generate a desire to eat the food that is placed in front of him through making it generally entertaining, catering to his emotion.

Both options would achieve the desired result, and yet in somewhat different manners.  Option 1 is good for a child’s discipline, but not very fun for either and seems somewhat coercive.  This option, exercised too often, leads to exasperated and discouraged children.  Option 2 tends to be more fun for both parties, and yet is really a form of manipulation, and exercised too often will neglect discipline.

This dilemma forced me to think about leadership as a whole, and how we have choices to use both positional influence and relational influence in leadership.  One appeals to our inherent authority based on title or role, whereas the other depends on our relational capital with an individual.  Both are necessary and useful in leadership, and both are equally difficult to discern proper use.

Positional influence, characterized by direction and command, is easily turned into egotism and elitism, shifting focus from humbly leading others to self-aggrandizement, as well as simple laziness.  Positional influence when leveraged well, uses opportunities of delegation for development of those under the leader’s authority.

Relational influence, characterized by charisma and invitation,  can just as easily be manipulative to achieve an end, ignoring the process of discipline and development in favor of simply accomplishing a task.  It can be effectively used to empower an individual to discover desires they didn’t know they had, as well as accomplish a task on mutually agreeable terms (a “win, win, win” for Office fans).

In my limited experience, I have found both methods to be useful when my heart is humble, and both methods to be disastrous when my heart is anything other than humble.  Effective leadership utilizes both kinds of influence out of humility, and does so to the maximization of a team’s effectiveness.  Which takes us back to parenting, and the necessity of discernment in a particular situation.

For those of you that are still reading, I chose Option 2, and GTB ended up eating almost all of his tuna melt using the ol’ airplane in the hanger trick.  He’ll learn discipline at other meals…

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A student from The Austin Stone has a story featured on the front page of with his article “Poetry That Slams Through Barriers“.

Clay Robison is a senior journalism student (by way of Chemical Engineering…he’s discovering some talents he never knew he had), and has been serving in The Austin Stone’s College Ministry for a few years.

Click here for the full article.


christmas shopping

out shopping and running errands, and it is crazy. i guess there are more procrastinators like me in the world than i thought.

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Working Together

Some campus ministers have been working toward a unified strategy in reaching UT’s campus. Collaborative work amongst college ministries tends toward the abstract and non-committal variety, but God has been stirring to move the various directors toward strategic and functional engagement.

As we seek to redeem and restore the University of Texas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we simply must cooperate with one another, sharing resources, ideas, and working together in strategy to accomplish the vision God has given to us.

For a preview of what this might look like, check out


When Peace Like a River

There is something uncomfortable about silence and free time when you are used to busyness.  It’s like a shock to your system when you suddenly realize you can’t even remember how to have a deep thought.  Or when you sit down to have a conversation, and don’t really have anything interesting to say.

In a time when noise is ubiquitous, silence is abrasive and invigorating.