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Jason Kovacs had some great thoughts on doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality.  Below is a quote:

It is interesting that the act of adopting, doing foster care, or going overseas to care for orphans is often seen as a “great act of service” involving great sacrifice. I think in light of this quote and in light of God’s heart and the Gospel that these acts for the church ought to be seen as “ordinary things.” God has called us and commanded us to care for orphans. Our obedience to this surely ought to be the “ordinary activity” of our lives as His people. Now, if you want to argue that caring for orphans really is “great” then it is not not because they involve great sacrifice but because they are great manifestations of a great Gospel and there is great joy involved in living this way. If that is what we mean by “great” then I will accept that; but other than that, I would love to see adoption and foster care as something done by “ordinary people doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality.”


on the bus – mobile blog

i hopped on a bus this morning at 430 am with 30 students from the austin stone to head to mephis. we are working with an organization there called service over self, a ministry dedicated to urban renewal through home repair. they are located in the binghampton neighborhood of memphis (google search it to find out more), and god has certainly done some amazing things through sos and the other ministries there.

i am genuinely excited for students to gain exposure to the ministries in the neighborhood, and praying that god will change the course of lives this week and call each one of us on the trip to radical obedience. please pray that our week would drive us to cling to the gospel more fully, and that christ’s love would flow out from that.

also, please pray for our students who are serving in the st. john’s community in austin this week as they put on a day camp for children in the neighborhood. pray that god would use them powerfully!