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Parenting, Education and Mission

Recently, I was chatting with a member of our church who has been intentionally living on mission for several years amongst unreached people groups in Austin.  He has children that are similar in age to mine, so we struck up a conversation about school.  In that conversation, I was incredibly challenged by his faithfulness to […]

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Soccer and the Kingdom of God

I played soccer up until high school, and always enjoyed the game, so when it came time to put Micah into sports, soccer was a natural choice.  After a few stints at the YMCA, we joined our neighborhood league and I volunteered to help coach our team. It’s been an interesting few weeks in the […]

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2012 Verge Talk – Who is the Missionary?

At Verge this year, I referred to the video above from Verge 2012 as the reason why we are pursuing missional communities. It’s a simple argument for the need for new forms to engage our cities with the gospel. What do you think needs to change about how we gather as the church?

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Refreshing Perspective | The Blueprint

I’ve really enjoyed reading Jaeson Ma’s book The Blueprint: A Revolutionary Plan to Plant Missional Communities on Campus. Jaeson is certainly cut from a different theological tree than I am, but I have been challenged and refreshed by his perspective.  The book is essentially broken down into three sections: Prayer, Evangelism, and Missional Community.  The […]

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Lessons in Evangelism | Gentrified

Logan is doing a quick set of posts on Evangelism at Gentrified. Below is an excerpt: I am far from gifted in evangelism, if there was such a thing as ungifted that would be me, but I’ve learned that Paul’s exhortation to Timothy to “do the work of evangelist” likely means Timothy wasn’t either, but […]