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Choosing Who to Mentor | Touchpoint

The more I read David Watson’s Blog, the more I am enjoying his insights.  He has some excellent words in a post about who to choose and mentorship/discipleship, and what he looks for before investing in someone. His six points of evaluation are below: Christ-like Christ-centered Character Capability Competency Capacity Chemistry Read how he expands […]

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What motivates you to mission? | shawblog

My friend and colleague has written some fantastic thoughts on ministry to Muslims, which have broad applications for motivations for ministry.  Below is the concluding quip from a great post: Passion for obedience to the basic commands of Jesus in response to His love for you. The 2 greatest commands of Jesus are very clear […]

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Discipleship and Training | TheResurgence

I really like the Resurgence blog.  It always has great thoughts, including the one below on discipleship. The primary context for training should also be the church in situ. I find it strange that this assertion should be so contentious when the weight of the biblical evidence is behind it. Timothy was trained in gospel […]