Together for Adoption Conference

Both my wife and I are planning on attending the Together for Adoption Conference 2009 in October.

If we have a group of four or more from The Austin Stone attend, then we are eligible to receive a group discount.  Anyone from The Stone interested?  Drop me a comment and I’ll connect with you.

Also drop me a comment if you will be there…I’d love to connect!


Pray for the Fatherless on Father’s Day

My wife and I have been going through foster care training through Arrow Child and Family Ministries, and Father’s Day has given me such an awareness of the fatherless today.  I am praying that God would raise up the church in Austin to serve the 500 children in the foster care system, and that the church in Texas would adopt the nearly 28,000 orphans in our state.  Globally, there are an estimated 143 million orphans, and approximately 2 billion Christians – let’s get behind James 1:27.

I’m also praying for friends who are waiting on adoptions, that God would give them perseverance, encouragement, and hope as they wait for their children to come home, as well as friends who have just adopted, that God would supply all their needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Join me in praying for the fatherless today!

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Total Church, Gospel Ministry and Adoption | ABBA Fund Blog

Jason Kovacs had some great thoughts on doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality.  Below is a quote:

It is interesting that the act of adopting, doing foster care, or going overseas to care for orphans is often seen as a “great act of service” involving great sacrifice. I think in light of this quote and in light of God’s heart and the Gospel that these acts for the church ought to be seen as “ordinary things.” God has called us and commanded us to care for orphans. Our obedience to this surely ought to be the “ordinary activity” of our lives as His people. Now, if you want to argue that caring for orphans really is “great” then it is not not because they involve great sacrifice but because they are great manifestations of a great Gospel and there is great joy involved in living this way. If that is what we mean by “great” then I will accept that; but other than that, I would love to see adoption and foster care as something done by “ordinary people doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality.”


10 Ways to Pastor Adoptive Parents | Desiring God

Below is the beginning to an excellent post by Jason Kovacs on pastoring adoptive parents.

There are many ways that you can express your pastoral care for those considering adoption and those who have adopted already. As an adoptive father and former pastor, I offer a few thoughts on how to help adoption become a biblically based, heart-led, missional movement in your church and not merely another program on your church’s list.

via 10 Ways to Pastor Adoptive Parents and Those Considering Adoption :: Desiring God.

Jason continues with ten practical ways to facilitate adoption ministry.  As Olivia and I pray and think through adoption, I am grateful for the ministry of men like Jason who have an incredible heart for orphans, and a passionate desire for the church to minister through adoption.

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A Future and a Hope Conference

I attended and helped greet at an adoption conference this weekend with Olivia.

There were three main sessions and a panel:

  1. Kristin Wong spoke on God’s heart for adoption from Ephesians 1
  2. Julie Kouri presented myths to adoption and highlighted the basic adoption process
  3. Jason Kovacs shared some insight on funding for adoption through organizations like the Abba Fund.
  4. The panel consisted of a number of families who had adopted, including a family and a birth mother who had an open adoption.

Here is a link to Jason Kovacs’ recap of the conference.

I’ve definitely wrestled for awhile about adoption, but God finally brought me to a place of peace and excitement aboutthe potential of pursuing His heart in this way.  Pray for us as we consider pursuing adoption as a family, and that God would make clear His timing for us.

Additionally, it has been a blessing to see the Lord use Olivia to lay a great foundation for foster and adoption ministry at The Austin Stone.  I pray that God will use us as a church to change the face of Austin and the world through adoption.